Love in the Moment by Elena Aitken

Love in the Moment

By Elena Aitken

  • Release Date: 2016-10-03
  • Genre: Holiday
Score: 4.5
From 57 Ratings
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The love at The Springs continues with Book One in the McCormick’s Series.

After ten years, Ian McCormick was finally back in town and opening a brand new business. It was long past time to put his family drama behind him and maybe even have a little fun, just like the old days. And what better way to enjoy the summer than with the gorgeous brunette he’d just met at the bus depot?
One hundred pounds lighter, with a hot new look and a successful social media career, Gwen Henderson has returned to Cedar Springs. The last time she was there, she was awkward, overweight and her heart was completely shattered. She knew there was a chance she’d run into him, but she wasn’t prepared for the man he’d become or for him to have no idea who she was.
Gwen comes up with an innocent plan, a social experiment performed solely for the benefit of her social media followers, and maybe she’d even get a little closure at the same time. Would Ian be interested in the new and improved version of her? It was the perfect idea. At least until all the feelings she thought were dead, come rushing back. She can’t back out once she starts. But can her heart survive Ian a second time? And with their hearts on the line, can Gwen continue to play a game that could hurt them both and destroy the only real chance at love she’s ever had?


  • Don't waste your time

    By debwex
    This book is really stupid on so many levels. First the main character supposedly lost 75 to 100 pounds yet her body is described as perfect which is not reality. Anyone after that weight loss has tons of extra skin. Second, the little sister who is 22! Acts like she is 12 not 22. So many things are so stupid and so far-fetched it's not an enjoyable story
  • Best love story out!

    What a fantastic read. One we can all relate to. Thanks!,

    By JodiLatt
    This is my first book by Elena Aitken and it will most definitely NOT be my last!!! Wonderfully and beautifully written, this book had me from beginning to end. Heartbreaking and heartwarming, I loved every word. I cannot wait to read more!!!
  • Wonderful beginning to a new series

    By Mary Rhonda
    Elena has done it again, she has managed to write another story that has left me emotionally drained (I cried) and uplifted. This love story between Ian and Gwen starts out with Gwen's deception. Ian doesn't recognize her from ten years before. Gwen uses her perceived rejection by Ian to exact revenge now. The backstory of how Gwen changed herself physically was well developed unfortunately Gwen did not heal emotionally. She allowed her teenage grudge to dictate her relationship with Ian. Ok, I have to stop or I will give everything away. I really enjoyed this story and going back to Cedar Springs just made it better. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
  • Ian and Gwen

    By penny42058
    I absolutely loved the start to Elena Aitken's new series. Ian and Gwen knew each other years ago, but Ian doesn't recognize her ten years later, when she returns to Cedar Springs. Ian is starting a new business and Gwen is taking a break and working on her blog. She agrees to help Ian with the administrative side. They grow closer and Gwen continues to write on her blog, where Ian is Mr. Summer. What is going to happen when Ian finds out? I won't leave any spoilers, but I will say everyone needs to one-click this book and meet their new BBF! He also has brothers, so you know we'll get to read about them too! After all, this is the McCormicks Book one! Hopefully, the next book will be about Mitch McCormick!
  • Sweet new series

    By NRuffo
    I always enjoy Elena Aitken's books. She has a natural ability of drawing you into the lives of her characters, opening the reader up to the emotional journey each experiences throughout her stories. I thoroughly enjoyed her newest book. The characters and the story were well developed and all too real. There was so much to love about Love in the Moment! The relationship between Gwen and Ian, the family dynamics that I'm sure we will get more of in the future as Elena continues with The McCormicks, Gwen's growth through her writing in terms of her self awareness and acceptance, and the relationships with the people of Cedar Springs. What a wonderful place to live! The people there are so accepting and loving, even when you are showing your worst self. I was so excited to finally get Ian's story! We first met him at the end of Summit of Passion, and I just knew he was going to be lovable. He may seem a little jaded at first, but we quickly see him open up to the possibilities of and embracing love and family. Poor Gwen had so many things stacked against her. She was constantly on edge, trying to figure out what to do with the path she was on. She forced to question it all. Gwen had to decide what was best for herself, all the while trying to please her readership and her agent. And what started out as a simple "experiment" quickly became all too real. I had this horrible foreboding through most of this book. I was so worried about what Gwen's deception was going to do to Ian. It's obvious that he's a good guy and has had to deal with so much in terms of his family. I believed his history with Gwen was shaped by that experience. If only she would have been honest from the start, so much pain and heartbreak could have been avoided. And while this story may be a bit predictable as to the train wreck you can see coming a mile away, it was about the journey and the growth of her characters that had me reading until the last page.
  • The magic is back in Cedar Springs!!

    By JLKeniston
    Where to start! What a great book as usual! Ian and Gwen are just the best!! When they both returned to Cedar Springs the sparks flew. I just could not stop reading this one! Many things to overcome andI certainly can feel for what Gwen lived through growing us. Her blog being so helpful for her and so happy for her to be able to overcome everything. Ian certainly had his share of problems growing up but both are able to overcome the issues. Well, maybe! Cedar Springs always brings out the best for everyone. Many of the characters from previous books made an appearance and its always great to read about them again! Elena did it again....brought the magic back again! 5+++++
  • Sweet moment

    By Aimalas
    I love being back in Cedar Springs and being apart of an amazing town!!! Ian was a summer regular and is back to start a new business and begin a new life, what better then a little fun with a hot chick he met at the bus picking up his sister!!! Gwen was an occasional summer regular and has changed alot since her last stay in Cedar Springs and catching up with Ian was not part of her plan but it will make summer fun!!! A sweet romance a bit of a challenge and happily ever after!!!
  • Great start to a new series

    By Cheryl33610
    Gwen was a hard character to warm up to. She comes to town after many years away, 100lbs lighter and with a loyal following to her self-help and inspirational blog. But she hasn't come as far as she thinks she has, in my opinion. It was a roller coaster of like/dislike for me and Gwen. That said, I did really like Ian! I thought he was sweet and honest and I very much liked the development of his relationship with his sister Chelsea...who acted much younger than her 22 years at the beginning. Over all I enjoyed the storyline, which was fresh and a different twist on the second chance trope. The writing, as with all of Elena's books, was great. I look forward to the next book in the series...I hope it's the two we got to meet in this one! I received an ARC for an honest review, all opinions ar my own.
  • A great start to a new series

    By Nanakay2
    Love in the Moment begins a new series for Elena Aitken and I was excited to be given an opportunity to read and to review it. I am a fan of Elena’s writing and this book did not disappoint. Gwen is a blogger… she writes about her journey from being an overweight teen who lived a life of being the brunt of jokes (i.e “Giant Gigi”) to being a confident healthy woman who has tried to put those years of torment behind her. She comes home to spend some time in a small town where she spent her summers as a child and the last person she expected to run into as she stepped off the bus was Ian McCormick. Ian and Gwen have a history… he broke her heart one summer and even though she recognized him right away, he had no clue who she was. His lack of recognition spurs her into writing about him in her blog.. she calls him “Mr. Summer” and begins to share with her readers their story and how she feels about seeing him again. Ian senses that he knows her but does not realize who she is even as they spend time together and their feelings for each other begin to grow. When he reveals things from his past that explain why he “broke” her heart, her guilt over dissing him in her blog begins to eat away at her. When he discovers her true identity, he feels deceived and all seems lost. The book is well written and the characters seemed real. Their emotions were palpable and the climax to the story is believable. I recommend this book and look forward to the next one in the series.