Why Romney Lost by David Frum

Why Romney Lost

By David Frum

  • Release Date: 2012-11-09
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
Score: 4
From 90 Ratings
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WHY ROMNEY LOST is a forthright analysis that offers a bold, hopeful plan for Republican success in the years ahead. David Frum urges a Republican party that is culturally modern, economically inclusive, and environmentally responsible – a party that can meet the challenges of the Obama years and lead a diverse America to a new age of freedom and prosperity.


  • Good analysis but a little overpriced

    By Tony_p49393
    Frum's writing and analysis is very provocative. I found his logic to be compelling, but compared to other ebooks the asking price is a little much. 5 bucks for 70 pages seems to be an over charge, especially since other political analysis books are 2 bucks.
  • this is satire

    By abrasivesparky
    Simply not a good book, If the ruling class Repubs follow this they deserve what all the Dem reviewers are hoping happens to them
  • Only Nixon could go to China

    By Fun sapian
    When top conservatives like Frum (and Ann Coulter saying Republicans must stop blocking everything) are saying Republican party is almost dead, conservatives must listen. 2012 campaign proved the total disconnect by Republican party and reality. If they do not wake up soon they will forever be stuck in dream land, like some cheap Sci-Fi movie.
  • Umena

    By PrimeTimepufdddd
    Republicans should use this short but excellent book as a play book to begin the process of change their selfish and racist ways if they want to compete.
  • Excellent examination of the state of modern American Conservative party.

    By Kevin Facklam
  • Succinct and on the money.

    By Xcile
    While Romney and his sycophants, along with Republicans everywhere, we're getting high on their own supply, David Frum was hard at work. He had seen the writing on the wall and for the six weeks prior to the election busily transcribed them into this succinct and prescient essay. There are a handful of insights herein captured with supreme clarity and poetry. I know I will return to them again and again.
  • Why Romney Lost

    By Eyes enlighten
    I enjoyed Mr. Frum's objective approach. As a registered Democrat, I found this reading refreshingly honest and it is my belief it reads as a manifesto for the GOP. My favorite quote sums up the ebook and the GOPs future philosophy: "The commonest error in politics is sticking to the carcass of dead policies.” Marquess of Salisbury
  • Simplistic

    By Wyrd1517
    Waste of money. All one need do is look at photos of the folks waiting for election results at each candidate's campaign headquarters across the country. One group represents an America that was and the other an America that is. Republicans need to stop being unAmerican.
  • Should be required reading for all conservatives

    By Bubba2011
    In just a few pages, Frum has clearly enunciated the life and death challenges facing the Republican Party in the 21st century. From dumping the clown show which is the Republican primaries, to abandoning policies from the Ward and June Cleaver era, to calling out talk radio and Fox News what they really (The Conservative Entertainment Complex), Frum lays out a plan that could, if adopted, make the GOP once again relevant to most Americans. The change required, though, would necessitate the repudiation of decades of echo chamber orthodoxy, inclusion of people of other races, religions, and beliefs, as well as an openness to acceptance of actual objective fact rather clinging to self-comforting familiarity. It also requires a re-wiring of the brains of millions from win-at-all-costs to actually considering the good of all Americans. That's asking a lot.
  • Why Romney Lost

    By Rea72203
    Told from the perspective of a true conservative, this book is a quick, must-read for anyone interested in reviving the Republican Party and the cause of conservatism. Frum shows that the Romney defeat was actually collateral damage to the direction the Republican Party has taken as a whole. As a center-right thinking independent, I found in these pages the reasons I had trouble voting for Romney laid out for me. I believe that, while not specifically stated, the reasons Colin Powell endorsed Obama instead of Romney are also probably in these pages. I most appreciated the author's clear assessment of the role of media--especially the right-wing media--in leading the party faithful in a direction that takes them away from being a majority party. I hope that all conservatives who read this will take Frum's message to heart and will help take conservatism back to the realm of acceptability and to a meaningful voice in the changing demographics of this great nation.